Theme: Taking that first daring step when writing something creative.

30-35 year old male protagonist struggles to finally start writing the fiction piece he’s been dreaming of. The movie will focus on him trying to start while always being distracted by small, trivial things in his surroundings. This obsession of needing the ‚perfect‘ environment to begin his work (instead of simply starting), is eventually what kills him, as he slips, hits his head and dies while trying to catch a fly in the living room. In the end, some time passes, and all that is left is an almost empty apartment. Only his desk and a lap-top with a blank page remain, along with the sound of a buzzing fly.

Style: No dialogue and no camera movements. Static wide shots, with background/production design, sound and the actor’s physical performance being the central storytelling elements. Stylistic references: Master of None Season 3 + its inspirations, Bergman’s „Scenes from a marriage“, Chantal Akerman

Will be shot in February and March 2022. A concrete shooting plan will be made once we find a suitable location. Team communication will be primarily in English, but you can also contact me in German.

Feel free to email below or contact me via Facebook: Ada Ossmann.

Looking forward to hearing from you! 


  • Camera
  • Light
  • Sound
  • Editor
  • Producer
  • Production assistant
  • Actor
  • Any other help is always welcome!