Decorative Timeline

The film weaves a captivating narrative around the romantic entanglement of two intriguing and contrasting individuals. It stars a 23-year-old student who approaches life with a meticulous and calculated data-centric-mindset. By chance he meets a woman of similar age at a random bus stop late on night. She exudes spontaneity and a playful spirit. Their daring love story unfolds against the backdrop of specific locations in Berlin, putting the emotional journey of the characters at its heart.

This movie aims to be a reflection of our contemporary era, inviting thought-provoking discussions through its (hopefully) engaging dialogue. Aesthetically, it strives to push the boundaries of low budget cinematography to underscore the film’s themes. The visual and emotional feelings are a core component of this short film.

Feel free to contact me through the form below or though instagram @koo9oor

Estimated filming Period: February


Looking for:

  • lighting
  • make-up