How To Catch A Vampire (AT)

1500 years after they have been created by Gwynn ap Nudd, Lord of the Underworld Annwn, the vampires are nearly forgotten. Carrie, a young woman, facing the struggles of growing up and finding her place in the world has no idea that her hometown Gravenstaett is in fact one of the last safe havens for vampires… Until one morning she wakes up and finds herself on a graveyard with two suspicious bite marks on her neck. Determined to find the one responsible, she asks the two students and self-named supernatural detectives, Eddie and Rico, for help and together they uncover the long-hidden secrets of Gravenstaett.

Between new friendships and a very chaotic family, Carrie only wants to keep her vampiric secret. Thereby, she delves deeper into the secret shadow world of Gravenstaett. A world full of darkness, but also wonderful magic and very peculiar people, who help her to slowly accept her new life. But when more and more people disappear without a trace, Carrie, Eddie and Rico come across a group that works in the shadows. It is led by the mystical Lady Winter, a vampire, who wants to fulfil an ancient prophecy and let Gwyn ap Nudd walk on earth once more.

We want to shoot the first 4 episodes of this web series this autumn (September to December), but it is planned as a longer project. If you want to play one of the recurring characters, you should be willing to be involved over a longer period of time. The first three episodes have been written, episode 4 is currently being revised.

The series will be shot in English, although some of our vampires also like to drop a few sentences in Old English (ānlīpiġe seldan, nǣniġe ċeare ;D). Team communication will be in English and German.

If you would like to be involved in the shooting or the preparation, but you don’t fit into any of the crew roles, get in touch with us anyway! We are happy about every helping hand, especially while crafting props (tombstones, vampire teeth, paintings etc.) and looking for film locations (we are looking for a café, among other things). 🙂 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Lena, Lara & Angie

Contact: Please use the form below or send us an email to: You can write us in German or English.



  • Assistant director
  • (Eexcutive) producer
  • Location manager/Location scout
  • Director of photography/ First camera operator (preferably with your own equipment)
  • Second camera operator (preferably with your own equipment)
  • Camera assistant
  • Gaffer (preferably with your own equipment)
  • Sound recordist (preferably with your own equipment)
  • Boom operator
  • Propmakers
  • Graphic designer (Photoshop/InDesign)
  • Costume designer
  • Makeup artist/SFX makeup
  • Film editor
  • Visual effects (After Effects/Blender)
  • Music composer 
  • Set runner


At the moment we are casting our main characters, but more characters will follow soon, so keep your eyes open.

  • Eddie (male/ 23): Student and self-appointed supernatural detective, who always wants to help those in need. Too brave and stubborn for his own good, he brings himself and his friends into more than one life-threatening situation.  (main character/ all episodes)

  • Rico (male/ 21): adorable nerd, Eddie’s best friend since middle school, loves unsolved mysteries and is a little bit too curious for his own good. (main character/ all episodes)

  • Thomas Vandergraaf (male/ 25):  Charismatic and sarcastic vampire, with some slightly twisted moral views.  Being the son of a brutal 18th-century vampire killer, he struggles with self-doubt and loneliness and will do everything to prove himself to his vampire clan. (main character/ all episodes)

  • Wulfie (male/ 28):  Younger brother of an abusive cult leader, vampire since the 80s, with a hedonistic lifestyle, who is always a little bit high. (supporting character)

  • Alex (male/ 23): Charming, extroverted student, very popular at university, sport-junkie. He is infatuated with Rico and wants to find out what he is hiding. (supporting character)

  • Hektor Vandergraaf (male/ 40-60): For 600 years, Hektor has been the leader of the Vandergraaf clan. While having mostly a warm, comforting atmosphere around him, he can also be a strong and strict leader. But there is something dark in his past that he doesn’t want to talk about and some mistakes he tries to amend. (supporting character)

  • Alan Vandergraaf (male/ 28): Thomas’ optimistic, fun-loving, protective big brother. Comes from a noble family from the 14th century (supporting character)

  • Leonie (female/ 23): Carrie’s bright, funny colleague at the coffee shop who always wears funky clothes and who wonders about some of Carrie’s new mannerisms. (guest character/ 3 episodes)

  • Gabriel (male/ 30s-40s): Your friendly neighbourhood vicar by day, ruthless vampire hunter by night. (guest character/ 2 episodes)

  • Autumn (female/ 16): Young girl, who found refuge in a cult, after she lived on the streets as a pickpocket. She dreams about a life as an artist with her girlfriend Lilac in Amsterdam. (guest character/ 1 episode)

  • Raviere (male/ 30s): Charismatic, but abusive and power-hungry leader of a cult, vampire since the 80s. (guest character/ 1 episode)

  • Detective Coleman (female/ 30-60): Cynical, uncompromising homicide detective, respected but not really popular among her colleagues. She whole-heartedly hates journalists, especially around her crime scene. (guest character/ 1 scene)