Summer Body

A feel-good film of about 5 minutes, set in Berlin. A friend group of four fat femmes meet up for a lake day in the summer and, unlike every other body positivity film, nothing bad happens. They just have a chill day. Inspiration is drawn from “chick flicks” from the beginning of the century, with over-the-top Y2K outfits, slow-motion shots, and up-beat music.

The film will be campy, fun, and light-hearted, while dealing with the difficult topic of growing up in diet culture as a woman, BIPoC, and queer. An homage to the trailblazers of body positivity and fat activism: black women!

We will shoot during the summer, possibly in August or September in Berlin. All crew members are volunteers. We will communicate mainly in English, but if English is not your strength then feel free to speak German.

Open positions:

In summary, all of them!

We are looking for people in the intersections of fat, BIPoC, queer, and femme identifying, but not necessarily all of these identities at once. So far in the team we have 3 trans masculine people (camera, producer, co-director and co-screenwriter), a queer black woman co-screenwriter, a trans femme nonbinary Turkish-German cinematographer, and a black nonbinary director. All fat/chubby/thick identifying.

You don’t know what position to fulfill? No worries. We’ll find one for you!

Contact: e-mail form below or Instagram @dammit.emmett